Casullo's carries and installs all types of truck bed mats, caps, covers, tonnos, hinged, retracting, full access, color matched, tailgate mats, tonno cleaners and protectants. Look below for a few ideas, or check out the full line at our suppliers by clicking the logos on the left, then call 716-876-0916.
(*Adding a tonno or cap to your truck is a great way to save fuel too! By streamlining the truck bed, air traveling over the cab will be directed down and off the back of the vehicle and not get trapped behind the tailgate causing drag and higher fuel consumption. Use the calculator below to see what your cap/tonno payback would be AND the fuel you'll save!)

Estimated Miles Driven Per Year
Annual Gas Savings Gallons
Gas Price Per Gallon  $
Annual Cost Savings $
Average M.P.G. Your Truck Gets
Payback Period in Months
Cost of Tonno or Cap  $
Check out this video on the installation process of a Retrax Bed Cover! It's amazing what's been going on in the aftermarket industry for trucks.
If you want something more secure than a fabric bed cover can offer, there are quite a few choices that will enhance the look of your truck along with protect the cargo, and this one is slick!

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